• Victoria Sanders

5 Bad Cleaning Habits You Should Be Breaking

Cleaning has always been a good habit, but when does it become a bad thing? We are always told to clean at our own pace. It turns out, though, that there are some approaches that are not effective at all.

Do you think you have good cleaning habits? If yes, then you may as well avoid these bad practices in home cleaning.

1. Not reading the product label

Let’s face it, it’s tedious to read the terms and conditions in a contract. The same goes for the product descriptions of the cleaning materials you use. However, these labels guide users towards using them properly. You can give your home a proper pampering simply by taking a few minutes to read the directions and other information on the cleaning materials you have in store.

2. Using uncleaned cleaning tools

Don’t assume your cleaning tools can clean themselves. Even if you frequently use them for scrubbing, sweeping, and wiping, these should also undergo sterilization. For all you know, they may contain germs and other disease-causing organisms they may have picked up while you were using them. If you store your tools immediately after use, you run the risk of contaminating other materials in your arsenal.

3. Leaving dishes unwashed

People are always in the habit of leaving their dishes at the sink overnight intending to wash them in the morning. This unhygienic practice will only invite a horde of roaches that bring a whole host of illnesses to the kitchen. So, wash your dishes immediately and prevent the spread of disease in your kitchen.

4. Using too much dish washing soap

The more bubbles, the cleaner your dishes will be, right? Wrong! The bubbles actually won’t do anything. In fact, it’s the solution itself that does all the cleaning for you. So instead of maxing out on dish washing soap, use only a pea-sized amount. It saves you money and still gives you dishes that are just as spotless and shiny.

5. Not making the bed

Even if you’re the busiest person in the world, there’s no excuse to forget to make your bed. Your goal here is to be consistent with your cleaning regimen. That said, if you have time cleaning other areas of the house, then you definitely have time to dust off the pillows and clear out any creases on the bedding.

Sure enough, cleaning and organizing can take a lot of time. You also need to do it properly in order to get the results you wanted. At Maid to Perfection, let our enthusiastic and cheerful cleaning crew help you out in accomplishing the tasks you want to be done. Contact us today!



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